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Live Bands

DINNER BAND - Salt & Soul - Friday

Exclusive for

Full Pass & Social * Gold*

Relax, calm and connection. Sigh with your partner with Salt & Soul in the background. A nice relaxing warming up, songs that you surely know, you just have to let yourself go. Find the most pop / alternative session with them. Mix of fusion and blues music.

Pol Prats' Band - Friday

The first band of the festival begins with jazz-blues. Something calm and nostalgic, the delicious sound of Pol's sax combines with the African voice of Desiré, I the whole band breathes at the same time. Elegant themes, ballrooming and perfect for walking while dancing.

TOTA blues Band - Friday

Tota blues never disappoints. They are Chicago blues, electric and powerful. They have been playing for dancers for years and they know exactly what you like, having them at the festival is always a pleasure. One more year they accompany us and hopefully for many more times!

Víctor Puertas Quartet - Saturday

One of the best harps in Europe just for us. Chicago and Texas blues. They have a deep rhythm and are irresistible to dance. You can combine different styles of blues with them, but mainly, we'll go to those more jooking themes of your repertoire. Do not be late, you do not want to miss them.

The Teasers - Saturday 

Tina has stolen our hearts, and her voice fills us in our dance like no one else. If you have heard it, you will know it, and you must do it. Blues songs; but also some soul and rock theme interspersed, all passed through the blues filter. Finish the night sweating everything.

ALTERNATIVE ROOM - Still Life - Saturday

Still life is dancing with water, dancing deep. If there is little light, even better. This duo with its own music and great versions relaxes us and makes us breathe deeply. Experiment with them and your dance.

Serendipia - Sunday 

Join Gem, Marcelo and Guillem on the festival’s closing night and enjoy their varied blues repertoire carefully prepared with blues dancers in mind.

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