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The Best DJ

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DJ: Bald Brothers

The Bald Brothers are highly experienced in local events and international festivals. Their 100% blues sessions will take you all the way along the Mississippi and its variety of styles, from New Orleans jazz blues to the most intense Chicago blues, not forgetting the classic rural tunes from the Delta. These two bluesmen will keep you dancing all night!

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DJ: Deb

A music lover. She’s been dancing for several years, looking for different styles all around the world. Performing as a Dj in local parties and festivals, she likes flowing from one style to the other, finding a smooth rhythm every time she changes song and creating an atmosphere in the dance floor. That makes any of her sets a unique piece.

DJ: Biza

Biza started DJing in São Paulo in 2003, learning the art of synching and mixing dance tracks on vinyls. Having performed in some of the city's most beloved underground clubs, his music research has evolved from House, Techno, Minimal, Deep until he discovered all the ecstatic dance scene and the fusion dance events around the world. His fusion sessions are sensitive and romantic, with an impeccable taste to the ears and an irresistible appeal to the heart.

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 Josep M. Tapia, JM DJ for dancers, has combined his passion for dancing with his love of music. JM usually travels around Europe to dance blues or balboa lindy, and also Djing this styles, not only in Barcelona but outside as well.

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DJ: Gréta Kroketa&Nico

Music and dance lovers, Gréta Kroketa&Nico are a classic from the local fusion & blues scene here in Barcelona. They have been promoting fusion dance and organizing the monthly fusion event. Their passion for fusion dance comes for its expression, fun and freedom. Their Dj style is mostly influenced by electronic music, with energetic, but also smooth and sensual tunes.

They’re playing regularly in events around Europe....

DJ: Carla Frade

Carla’s big true love is music. From the times when she recorded musics straight from radio or television with a two deck cassette player (remember those?), up to today, she found herself easily surround by music.
Her love for Blues music would lead her first to become a blues teacher and event organiser. DJing came at later times due to Lisbon event’s needs.
Her musical choices and tastes are broad and wide, not staying chained to a style or genre.You can say that her musical choices are as free as her, prone to make you feel like dancing, singing, playing and feeling,taking you deep into her imagination where music and dance build and shape different landscapes and images.

DJ: Ferran

A classic from Barcelona, since the city scene began, he was already playing. He likes classics but always tries to surprise with some curious version. He will prefer slow tempos and ballrooming, although on a set he tries to make everyone comfortable.

DJ: Shivani

From South Africa/England with love, meet DJ Shivani. With an obsession for sharing the medicine in motion that is blues dancing in London and Cape town, she is looking forward to moving you with a selection of soulful trad blues beats

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DJ: David Smith

Obsessed with Trad and Chicago Blues, Dave will be taking it low and slow during his sets with the likes of Freddie King, Champion Jack Dupree, Fenton Robinson and Sonny Boy Williamson

DJ: Blue Sisters

Local Dj from Blue Move BCN, The Blue Sisters are funny, professional, and they adapt the music on the blues dance floor

DJ: Miguel A. Cruz

A Blues-culture-lover, dancer, teacher and DJ, he's been DJing in many Blues-Dance festivals: New York, Prague, Toulouse, Rennes, Lithuania, Tel Aviv, Athens... As well as in local parties. He's always looking for different styles and rhythms, in his sets there will normally be some Latin and Funky stuff. He also tries to find "the right song for the right audience and moment".

DJ: Eusebio

Passionate about classic blues while up to speed on the latest trends, he has more than ten years’ experience filling the dance floor. His sessions won’t leave you indifferent…

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DJ: The Ramones

From Barcelona, we get the residents "The Ramones", a Dj duo who delight us with their politically incorrect Fusion, that will not leave you indifferent with their Down tempo mixes and productions, including great influences of the Blues and the most innovative electronic music.

Thanks to their past and electronic background, combined with their passion with dancing, they will make you desire the party to never ends.

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