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Thuesday 18th Oct - Pre - Party

@ Blue Move Barcelona (carrer Tres Senyores, 14)

Festival registration desk will open at 18.00

19.00 - Cineforum with Lucky Skillen, teacher of the festival and director of the film "Where We Danced: The Story of American Social Dance"

We'll see the movie with a fantastic introduction of Lucky. After the reproduction, in the same room, we will make a question session to the director; where everyone can ask what you need, about the movie or about historical dance questions, whether or not they refer to the film. Lucky is a great connoisseur of the history of social dances and will be happy to help.

Social dance after this at 21.00.

It may be a good time to meet everyone, retold old friends or make new ones. Enjoy a good time learning about the history of the dance, ask questions, and of course, dance a bit at the end of everything.

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