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What to expect at Drag the Blues

Drag the Blues (DtB) has already 6 editions, and in 2019 it will be its seventh edition. Throughout these years, the blues scene has changed in Europe and in our city, and the festival as well. As we change as dancers, our tastes and needs as well and for that, the DtB has evolved over time. Even so, there are some ideas that have remained intact since the beginning, in fact, the most transcendental and important ones.

What to expect from this DtB?



You can expect to find:


  • A fun place. Creative and social space where you can develop your dance.

  • Creativity and tradition. We aim to foster creativity while honouring the roots of blues dancing. We encourage and in-depth knowledge of the blues dance tradition and its origins. Being a social dance, we also recognise that blues dancing evolves with its community of dancers, which is why we want to encourage creativity, originality and a healthy measure of risk-taking on the dance floor.

  • Comfortable spaces. A variety of comfortable dance spaces and limited capacity combined with quieter, energy-gathering spots.


  • Live music. From the start, DTB has been the blues dance festival with the most live music in Europe! Enjoy several bands every night, carefully selected amongst the best in the local scene, playing a variety of genres to suit every palate and encourage different dancing styles.


  • Two spaces / Variety. On Friday and Saturday there will be a blues room and an alternative room, both with excellent live music, both in the same venue, so you can move freely between the two. On Sunday everything happens in one room, offering mostly blues with a sprinkle of other styles. The alternative room will feature non-blues bands to experience blues dancing technique with other sounds.


  • High standard of teaching. An obvious priority. Top European and American instructors will provide a wide representation of blues dances including fusion. Spacious and comfortable dance studios to maximise learning, all with wooden floors, mirrors, air con and complimentary drinks and snacks during the breaks.

  • Competitions. A showcase for your creativity where you can push the boundaries. A space where you can share your work and ideas with the community. Enthusiasm, passion and quality!

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